Healthcare Provider Solutions


FusionHealth is changing the way Sleep Medicine is delivered. Our clinical model is distinct from existing medical practice paradigms, powered by the capabilities of our i.AIM Platform. Unique employer-based sleep health management programs provide new opportunities for sleep medicine physicians and other like-minded professionals to participate as partners with FusionHealth.


Our sleep health management programs are designed to align payers and providers, free from the confounds of traditional utility based models, that are not focused on driving long term health improvements. As a result, we are able to bring the best of both worlds together; an efficient delivery of care that drives meaningful patient outcomes.


As we partner with healthcare providers to provide care to members, we offer a host of i.AIM Provider Solutions that help sleep centers, sleep physicians and health systems effectively manage patients in their own programs.


FusionHealth adheres to strict standards when designing and delivering sleep health management. Our focus is on sustainable health outcomes.  Medical assessments, testing and treatments are only provided as a means to arrive at the proper long term solution for each individual.  As a result, we have attracted the attention of other national leaders in sleep medicine and we are partnered with several institutions around the country. In addition, patient advocacy groups such as the American Sleep Apnea Association are active supporters of our program as the model for sleep health delivery.