The Wellbeing Problem

With approximately 60 million individuals in the U.S. alone reporting issues with sleep each year, companies must take preventive measures by contacting wellness program providers to address the sleep health of their populations in order to increase productivity and engagement, and reduce healthcare costs. Employee wellbeing programs are an investment in employee health and productivity as well as the company’s bottom line.

45 percent of Americans report sleep problems
50 percent success rate of other treatment models

“Working with FusionHealth has enabled Pilot Flying J to stay ahead of team member fatigue and sleep-related problems. Our team members feel better and are well-rested, which has improved their productivity, health, and safety.”

Stephen Huskey Pilot Flying J

“FusionHealth has enabled us to address the critical issue of sleep apnea and its powerful effect among our commercial drivers without a significant productivity loss to our business.”

John Pryor Southeastern Freight Lines

“Our drivers feel better, have more energy, are more interactive with their families and their overall attitude towards life has improved. With FusionHealth they are getting restorative, healthy sleep to make them better, safer drivers.”

Karla Staver SAIA