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A New Way to Deliver Sleep Healthcare

Despite recent advances in sleep health therapies, the current healthcare system fails at least 90% of people with sleep conditions who could benefit from clinical intervention. Under the traditional Fee-For-Service healthcare model, no single provider is responsible for ensuring a clinically acceptable outcome. Due to limited access to patient therapy data, low reimbursement rates and […]

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The Real Impact of Sleep Loss on Business Executives

For companies, the consequences of poor sleep can be both financial and operational. Research has shown that sleep deprivation undermines leadership, planning, health, communication and judgement. Download this piece to learn more about the problem and ways to address it.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Shift Workers

Shift workers are at a higher risk for health concerns, accidents and errors resulting from sleep deprivation. This helpful infographic describes how shift workers can maintain the healthy sleep their bodies need.

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