No workforce is as well, safe, engaged, resilient, healthy when they’re tired.

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One solution to address all of your workforce sleep problems.


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All the care and resources your workers need with none of the obstacles.


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Poor sleep is an exhausting problem for business.

Nearly half of American workers report having trouble sleeping. Poor sleep raises rates of accident and disease, impairs decision-making and reduces overall engagement and productivity.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?

Reduce Healthcare Spend

Poor sleep drives the chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression, that are responsible for rising medical and pharmaceutical costs. FusionHealth works with employers to provide a single, convenient way to address the sleep problems of their entire workforce. Members gain direct access to the very best sleep education, testing and treatment, allowing employers to enjoy a 23% savings in healthcare spending.

Promote Wellbeing

Wellbeing programs that address diet, exercise and stress, but omit sleep, miss perhaps the most urgent biological process affecting employee health. Research has shown that sleep deprivation limits recovery from exercise, disrupts regulation of appetite and erodes resilience. By resolving underlying sleep problems, FusionHealth promotes engagement with, and enhances the results of, adjacent wellbeing initiatives.

Keep Employees Safe

Workers living with unmanaged sleep problems are nearly 3 times more likely to cause a workplace accident. For companies with workers operating in transportation, energy, shipping and manufacturing environments, the safety of their associates could mean the difference between successful operations and headline-generating tragedy. Workers enrolled in FusionHealth’s sleep program are involved in 75% fewer accidents and commit 40% fewer production errors.

Working with FusionHealth has enabled Pilot Flying J to stay ahead of team member fatigue and sleep-related problems. Our team members feel better and are well-rested, which has improved their productivity, health, and safety. Stephen Huskey, Pilot Flying J
FusionHealth has enabled us to address the critical issue of sleep apnea and its powerful effect among our commercial drivers without a significant productivity loss to our business John Pryor, Southeastern Freight Lines
Our drivers feel better, have more energy, are more interactive with their families and their overall attitude towards life has improved. With FusionHealth they are getting restorative, healthy sleep to make them better, safer drivers. Karla Staver, SAIA
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The 4 Most Sleep-Deprived Industries in America

Today, roughly half of American workers report having trouble sleeping. While this group includes people who experience difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep, many Americans simply haven’t made enough time in their schedules to get the daily recommended 8 hours of sleep. Regardless of the cause, adults who get less than 7 hours of […] Read More

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Katie Kirkland, Southern Company

Katie Kirkland, Director of Benefits at Southern Company has overseen countless wellness initiatives throughout her career. In this video, Katie explains why the SleepCharge program by FusionHealth has been among the best Southern Company has ever rolled out and the cornerstone of the company's wellness programming. Watch Video

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The Value-Based Approach for Improving Sleep

Proper sleep is foundational to wellbeing. Many employers are now turning to sleep programs to help stem the tide of rising healthcare costs, address safety concerns and maximize the value of existing wellbeing programs. But, can delivering sleep services on a fee-for-service basis actually provide the health outcomes employers are looking for? Download

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