IHC Podcast: The Missing Piece of Wellness Programs

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It’s no secret; a sick and unhealthy workforce can negatively impact the bottom line. In response, many organizations have implemented wellness programs to promote employee health. These programs include diet and exercise regimens intended to mitigate chronic disease. While it is widely understood that diet and exercise play significant roles in overall health, a third component also greatly impacts health, and that is sleep. By implementing sleep management systems into existing wellness plans, businesses can effectively reduce their healthcare spend.

Recently, sleep health expert, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer of FusionHealth spoke with Healthcare Consumerism Radio about employee wellness program ideas that can improve these companies. During the podcast, Dr. Durmer identified specific chronic conditions that directly stem from sleep deprivation as well as the corporate benefits of healthy sleep.

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Join sleep expert, Dr. Durmer as he hosts a conversation on this topic at the upcoming IHC conference on May 24-26 in Atlanta.