Truck Drivers Can Expect More Sleep Apnea Rules

Image and article courtesy of May 16, 2017.

FusionHealth’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, weighs in on the controversy surrounding rapidly expanding truck driver sleep apnea testing programs in a recent article on sleep apnea available at The 2016 safety regulations for truck drivers by the FMCSA’s Medical Review Board are quickly becoming the new template for truck driver sleep apnea testing policies in the trucking and transportation industries.  The Supreme Court recently declined to hear the case of Robert Parker, who sued Crete Carrier Corporation for requiring that he be tested for obstructive sleep apnea based on his BMI. Effectively, this validates the emerging trend of using weight and other biological metrics to identify potential sleep apnea cases and requiring regular testing as a condition of employment. This article on sleep apnea examines the deeper issues of labor law, health, and economics as they pertain to sleep apnea testing policies.

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