Bending the cost curve through healthy sleep.

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1/2 of American Workers

Almost half of all American workers report difficulty sleeping.


10% Chance

Approximately 90% of Americans with treatable sleep conditions struggle to get the help they need.


$80m in Costs

Poor sleep costs the average Fortune 500 company approximately $80m per year.


Healthcare Spend Problems

Sleep deprivation causes or worsens chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression that are responsible for the greatest increases in medical and pharmaceutical costs.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?


Our Solution

FusionHealth works with employers to provide a single, convenient way to resolve the sleep problems of their workforce populations. Workers gain direct access to the most effective sleep education, testing and treatment. FusionHealth combats chronic conditions with restorative sleep which directly impacts associated physician, pharmacy and hospital spend. The result is an immediate cost savings of around 25% in year one which continues on into year two and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how sleep disorders impact healthcare costs for your business!