Helgi Sigurdsson

Helgi Sigurdsson serves as Chief Technology Officer at FusionHealth and KOEO, setting the direction and managing the development of the KOEO Technology Platform. With over 20 years experience in the software industry, Helgi is recognized for his unique blend of executive acumen, team building, problem solving and precise technological leadership. His career in enterprise software development began with R+H America, the U.S. subsidiary of a mid-market software developer focused on automotive suppliers and other parallel verticals. Initially he focused on customer projects and then moved into application development; eventually taking over as the VP of Development for North America. When R+H merged with another company and went public in Germany under the name BRAIN Gmbh, Helgi went on to become the company’s CIO at its headquarters in South Germany.

After BRAIN was acquired by what would become Infor Global Solutions, Helgi relocated back to Atlanta and became VP of Development and Chief Architect at Infor. Infor is now the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services in the world. During his tenure at Infor, he was responsible for designing and developing cutting edge software and driving the company’s technology forward. His deep expertise in a range of technologies and design patterns enabled him to deliver products that are now integrated into every major application Infor sells and services. He has participated in every major due-diligence and acquisition Infor executed during his career there.

Helgi holds a Cand Scient degree in engineering from the University of Iceland. He is a published author and speaker at international conferences on the topics of artificial intelligence, enterprise application design, enterprise application technology and mobile technology.

For more on Helgi, visit his LinkedIn.