FusionHealth Care Manager Talks Sleep Apnea Care on Extreme Truckers Show

Shannon Cyr and Glenn Keller were recently featured guests on the November, 16th episode of the Extreme Truckers Show. Ms. Cyr is a FusionHealth Care Manager providing support and information about sleep apnea in truck drivers with the Sleep4Safety Program. Mr. Keller is a professional driver with Roadrunner Transportation who recently participated in the CNN Fit Nation 2012 Triathlon Challenge. Both stressed the need for and positive outcomes of diagnostic sleep testing and Sleep Apnea treatment.

Ms. Cyr brought a unique perspective from one who works with truck drivers on a daily basis to ensure that treatment is comfortable and easily adapted to individual needs. According to Ms. Cyr, Care Managers are “essentially coaches.” Mr. Keller provided the perspective from the driver’s side of OSA [Obstructive Sleep Apnea] treatment.  Mr. Keller says that he values his partnership with FusionHealth because “they are right here with you everyday” and often call “just to see how things are and if [I need] anything.”

Highlights from Shannon Cyr:

  • Respiratory Therapists and MD’s on staff
  • Field Medical Team goes to drivers – mobile testing
  • Indicators of Sleep Apnea:

BMI over 35; morning headaches; daytime sleepiness; snoring and gasping

  • Health benefits:

weight loss; increased energy; reduced blood pressure; reduced risk of heart disease

  • Proper sleep is required for your body to work at 100% efficiency


Highlights from Glenn Keller:

  • Health and sleep should be a driver’s #1 priority
  • PAP treatment helped him drop 50lbs
  • Fusion came to his hotel for diagnostic testing
  • PAP machine travels with him and sends daily transmissions of usage and nightly episodes to gauge treatment success
  • Prior to treatment, his body did not recover from triathlon training. After treatment, full recuperation.


Click here to visit the Sleep4Safety website and learn more about how the Sleep4Safety program can help you get the sleep you require.

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