Early Success in Sleep Trials with J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

Early Success in Sleep Trials with J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. SleepSafeDrivers, Inc., a national provider of sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment programs for fleets, today announced positive preliminary results from a clinical trial focused on testing and treating fatigue management for truck drivers with sleep apnea as part of a national contract with J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. The clinical trial is a collaborative effort among J.B. Hunt, SleepSafeDrivers, Inc., and FusionSleep LLC, Georgia’s leading provider of clinical sleep medicine services to patients and employers.

The goal of the trial, which is backed by an Independent Review Board, is to improve the health and safety of the drivers. The trial results will document any cost savings from reduced medical expenses and lower accidents as a consequence of the program. J.B. Hunt is accelerating the pace of the trial and expects to continue expanding the program over time.

“We are committed to enhancing the safety and health of our drivers, and SleepSafeDrivers is helping us get that done,” said Greer Woodruff, Senior Vice President of Corporate Safety and Security at J.B. Hunt. “One of our Million Mile drivers recently told us that he felt the sleep apnea program had literally saved his life. After starting APAP therapy, that driver has lost 115 pounds, knocked out his challenging and chronic daytime fatigue, and was able to begin exercising again for the first time in years. There is absolutely no doubt that he is healthier and safer as a result of the program.”

“We are proud to be helping J.B. Hunt deliver on their goal of improving the health of their drivers while also reducing avoidable risk and expenses,” stated Dana Voien, president of SleepSafeDrivers. “Working with our clinical partners at FusionSleep in Atlanta, we are confident that fleets will recognize a four to ten month payback period on the program investment, so it more than pays for itself in the first year alone. Our national network assures that we can cover a fleet’s entire needs across the nation.”

“The goal of the trial is to quantify the health benefits and document changes in fatigue-related accidents and safety as a consequence of this unique program. Preliminary findings already demonstrate real and significant health benefits, and we anticipate that this research will provide us with the most comprehensive data and cost-effective model for disease and accident prevention in the trucking industry”, said Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD, and Chief Medical Officer of FusionSleep and principal investigator of the clinical trial.