FusionHealth Closes Funding to Expand Care Management Cloud Platform

Capital infusion of $4 million will fund further expansion of the KOEO Technology Platform.

FusionHealth, the leader in technology-enabled Care Management Solutions for patients, employers and health plans announced the successful closing of a $4 million capital raise. The Company will use the funds to further expand its technology platform and Care Management Solutions targeted at the prevention of chronic disease such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke.
“FusionHealth has become known for excellence and innovation in Sleep Medicine since inception in 2005.” said Sigurjon Kristjansson, CEO of FusionHealth. “Our team of engineers, physicians and medical professionals jointly developed the KOEO Technology Platform.” he continued. “So far we have helped thousands of patients across the US improve their health. It is very exciting to be part of the team that is designing impactful, technology-enabled solutions to help self-insured employers and health plans avoid the cost burden associated with Sleep Disorders, while simultaneously improving the health and quality of life for thousands.”
The funding allows the Company to further expand the cloud-based i.AIM™ Technology Platform that provides self-insured employers and health plans with the control and visibility inherent in all FusionHealth fully-integrated Care Management Solutions.

About FusionHealth

FusionHealth provides technology-enabled Care Management Solutions to patients, employers and health plans to improve health and prevent chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke and Obesity. Through the fusion of proprietary cloud-based technology, leading medical expertise and clinical sleep research, and comprehensive healthcare data analytics, FusionHealth enables businesses and health plans to radically alter the trajectory of spiraling health-related costs associated with Sleep Disorders. FusionHealth, a national center of excellence in the field of Sleep Medicine, provides tailored solutions to industries such as trucking, aviation, manufacturing, retail and distribution. FusionHealth’s proprietary KOEO Technology Platform delivers robust compliance and verifiable ROI, mobile medical management, and customized web portals for all stakeholders.