FusionHealth Drives Integrated Sleep Health Solutions through Castlight Partnership

ATLANTA, Ga.– October 1, 2018 — FusionHealth, a sleep health technology company, announced a new partnership with Castlight Health, a leading health navigation platform provider. The partnership will integrate SleepCharge by FusionHealth’s virtual Center for Excellence for Sleep within Castlight Health’s platform, enabling Castlight’s customers to offer employees unified and seamless access to the SleepCharge sleep solution. Together, Castlight and FusionHealth are helping employers’ health plan members get unparalleled access and treatment for sleep problems — saving time and money while drastically reducing complexity inherent in the current healthcare delivery system.

FusionHealth measures real results for all clients using medical and pharmacy claims, as well as a host of other individual and company-wide success metrics. FusionHealth has proven that employers can dramatically enhance the quality, breadth and accessibility of sleep healthcare, which improves the health, wellbeing and productivity of people, while simultaneously reducing the cost of care.

Castlight empowers employees with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions throughout their entire health journey — from staying healthy, to accessing care, to managing a chronic condition. Castlight’s health navigation platform is the first to offer a full range of total wellbeing capabilities, care guidance tools and an engagement hub in a single platform. Castlight’s partner ecosystem now has over 30 different vendors pre-integrated with its platform. For employers, this means simplified and streamlined procurement, contracting and implementation.

“We are very pleased to partner with Castlight to help further our mission to solve the epidemic of poor sleep that overburdens workers and their families, and restricts the success of American business. By providing a professionally supported, digital solution that navigates individuals to a host of integrated sleep healthcare and wellness solutions, we not only tailor sleep healthcare, but provide people with one place to go to solve their sleep issues,” said Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, CMO of FusionHealth. “Our integration with Castlight provides employers and employees with a virtual Center of Excellence to handle all sleep problems backed by a team of sleep physicians that provide clinical and personal support from our patented multi-dimensional healthcare workflow platform. Many employers realize that proper sleep directly impacts conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and now they are starting to see the impact on productivity and safety. What was missing is a single source to address sleep problems for their health plan members. Through our partnership with Castlight, many more companies will now have access to a truly integrated program to solve the epidemic of poor sleep plaguing their organizations.”

“ Poor sleep health is a challenge across nearly every workforce and can lead to more severe health conditions,” said Kristen Bova, Director of Business Development at Castlight Health. “At Castlight, we are always looking for innovative solutions that help our employer customers meet the unique health needs of their workforce, and we are excited to add FusionHealth this year to our growing ecosystem of best-in-class partners.”

About FusionHealth

FusionHealth, headquartered in Atlanta, is a sleep health technology company that provides employers and healthcare systems with population-based solutions to address the central problem of poor sleep health. Partnering with FusionHealth, businesses reduce their healthcare spend, improve safety, increase productivity and improve the overall well-being of their workforce. For more information visit https://www.fusionhealth.com/.