FusionHealth Introduces New Sleep Health Management Solution for Employers

New Technology Solution Enables Employers to Offer Comprehensive Programs to All Associates that Suffer with Sleep Disorders

FusionHealth today announced the release of its new Sleep4YourHealth sleep health management solution, developed specifically to enable self-insured employers to deploy comprehensive employee health management programs for sleep to all their associates and their dependents.

“FusionHealth started providing dynamic and effective sleep health management programs to transportation companies and we continue to be the leader in that space,” said Sigurjon Kristjansson, CEO of FusionHealth. “Now we have taken that technology platform and comprehensive programs and extended them to include all associates and their dependents.”

Unmanaged sleep disorders are a significant health problem. Sleep apnea alone affects 26% of the adult population and is a common root cause and driver for significant hidden expenses for employers, both in terms of excessive health consequences and in terms of lost productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, risk of accidents and impaired decision making.

About FusionHealth

FusionHealth, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, delivers technology-enabled integrated sleep health management solutions for companies seeking to improve employee health and reduce health-related costs. The company’s SaaS-based delivery model provides its client companies with access to its global technology platform enabling them to integrate sleep health management with personal wellness and employee engagement in a way that changes lives and improves their bottom line performance.