Dr. Durmer Featured in ASAA Briefing on New Sleep Technologies

Teleconference Highlights for Upcoming Economic and Clinical Impact of Sleep Apnea on the Workplace Conference

On October 4th, Edward Grandi, the Executive Director for the nonprofit American Sleep Apnea Association, and FusionHealth’s Chief Medical Officer, Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD, held a briefing via teleconference highlighting the key points that will be offered at the 2012 conference The Economic and Clinical Impact of Sleep Apnea: A Solutions Conference for Employers and Health Plans. The briefing discussed presenters as well as subjects that will be covered in this year’s conference. Main highlights include the use of new technologies to not only treat employee Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but to also manage employee compliance wirelessly with cloud-based software. Click below to listen to the 20 minute briefing.

Briefing Highlights and Key Points:

This year’s conference will be held on October 24th & 25th in Baltimore, MD. This conference is the only one of its type with the industry’s leading experts from universities, employers and solutions providers. There is still time to register for this event at www.sasw2012.org.

Focus: Economic consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea for employers, & and solutions with quantifiable benefits for OSA diagnosis and treatment.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cary Shames, Chief Medical Director for the Americas, ResMed Corp., presents: Undiagnosed, Untreated, Unsustainable: The Economics of OSA

Education Presentations Include:

  • Indira Gurubhagavatula, MD University of Pennsylvania Educational: OSA Basics & Current Research
  • Sigurjon Kristjansson, FusionHealth®: The Business Requirements for Technology Based Solutions
  • Jeffery Durmer, MD PhD, FusionHealth®: Data from the New Wave of Employer Fatigue Management and Performance Programs
  • Kevin Potts Union Pacific, Chief Operating Officer at Union Pacific Health System: Case Study outlining management/treatment of Sleep Apnea and its economic results

Therapies/Treatment Presentations Include:

  • David Rapoport, MD New York University: Positive Airway Pressure for Sleep Apnea
  • Stacy Ishman, MD Johns Hopkins University: Sleep Surgery: Its Role in the Treatment of OSA
  • Michael Simmons, DMD Sleep Dentist: Oral Appliance Therapy

The conference concludes with a roundtable discussion with the experts detailing the next steps for employers.

An Exhibit Hall will offer a variety of resources with information on new solutions and technologies for employers and health plans.

Additional information is available at the conference’s website: www.sasw2012.org.