FusionHealth Announces New Transfer of Care Solution

New KOEO Platform-Based Cloud Application Enables Seamless Transfer Of Unmanaged Patients Resulting In Greater Adherence To Therapy and Lower Cost For Employers

FusionHealth, the leading provider of innovative sleep health management solutions that improve employee health and wellness by preventing chronic diseases and reducing costs directly linked to sleep disorders today announced the release of its new KOEO platform based application CARBONITE™. The new technology brings its Sleep4YourHealth solutions to health plan members that have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are currently receiving unmanaged treatment for their condition.

FusionHealth can now enable employers to quickly address their previously identified and costliest populations by transferring them onto its KOEO Sleep Health Management platform which delivers greater adherence to successful therapies and lowers the overall cost of members on therapy.

CARBONITE is the latest in a series of cloud applications that run on top of the KOEO Technology Platform and support the Sleep4YourHealth end-to-end sleep health management solution for employers. Members in managed programs live healthier lives, delivering a measurable return on investment for payers.

“Historically, we have implemented sleep health managed programs for employers that deliver very strong member engagement. Our KOEO technology platform monitors and intervenes as necessary to ensure that patients remain on therapy” stated Sigurjon Kristjansson, Co-Founder and CEO of FusionHealth. “By delivering extraordinarily high adherence for these populations, members get healthier and employers enjoy a much higher return on investment. Our new solution allows members of an employer’s health plan that have received basic unmanaged treatments to seamlessly transfer to our sleep health management platform enabling them to enjoy a much higher level of support. The result is better adherence, improved health status and performance”

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