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1/2 of American Workers

Nearly half of all American workers report difficulty sleeping.


10% Chance

Approximately 90% of those with treatable sleep conditions struggle to get the help they need.


$80m in Costs

Poor sleep costs the average Fortune 500 company approximately $80m per year.



Sleep is foundational.

Poor sleep keeps millions of Americans from living their best lives and achieving their full potential. It’s also associated with the greatest modern drivers of healthcare cost and mortality. Obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, mood disorders and even motor vehicle accidents can all be tied back to, and predicted by, the amount and quality of an individual’s sleep. Problem-solving, judgment, and communication also depend on healthy sleep.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?

The single source for sleep.

FusionHealth has pioneered a radically different approach. We’re presenting employers with a company-wide, expert-led, end-to-end solution for workforce sleep problems as an enhancement to their employee wellbeing programs. Our SleepCharge Program aims to solve the underlying problems affecting the sleep of your workers through all means necessary.

A total solution, conveniently accessible.

Annual enrollment equips workers with everything they need to succeed, all conveniently accessible through our online platform, our mobile app or through direct contact with our team. Our program provides essential sleep education, direct access to care management and clear visibility into treatment data.

Individualized care for better results.

By putting participants first, FusionHealth has achieved an unprecedented 96% clinical success rate. With FusionHealth, employees do not have to navigate the healthcare system alone. Our team is there to support your employees every step of the way, administering personalized treatment plans based on the unique needs of each individual. Our proprietary software analyzes treatment data in real-time, allowing our team to take proactive measures and ensure optimal results.

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Our Results
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23% Healthcare Savings

Poor sleep is known to contribute to, and in some cases cause, chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. By combating these diseases with natural, restorative sleep, FusionHealth supports a happier and healthier workforce and reduces associated physician, pharmacy and hospital costs. As a result, our clients experience immediate and ongoing healthcare savings.

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75% Fewer Accidents

While mistakes are unavoidable, poor sleep can dramatically impair brain function and response times resulting in higher rates of accident and error among manufacturing, shipping and transportation workers. By focusing on healthy sleep, FusionHealth’s clients improved safety at work and reduced road accidents by 75%. Errors in production and manufacturing declined by 40%.

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25% Increase in Productivity

Sleep loss negatively affects communication, decision-making, risk evaluation and concentration, among other performance-related skills. Workers who are sleep deprived are more susceptible to, and slower to recover from, illness and injury and are more likely to be absent from work. At scale, this translates into a significant drag on an organization’s ability to operate, especially in units with higher proportions of on-call and shift workers. FusionHealth’s clients report significant immediate and ongoing increases in employee productivity measurements.

Success Stories
Katie Kirkland, Southern Company

Katie Kirkland, Southern Company

Katie Kirkland, Director of Benefits at Southern Company has overseen countless wellness initiatives throughout her career. In this video, Katie explains why the SleepCharge program by FusionHealth has been among the best Southern Company has ever rolled out and the cornerstone of the company's wellness programming. Watch Video

John Pryor, Southeastern Freight Lines

John Pryor, Southeastern Freight Lines

John Pryor, Vice President of HR & Safety at Southeastern Freight Lines knows the importance of caring for employees and keeping drivers safe on the roads. Listen to John as he discusses Southeastern Freight Lines' approach to the problem of poor sleep. Watch Video

Karla Staver, SAIA

Karla Staver, SAIA

Director of Safety, Karla Staver of SAIA connects the dots between driver circadian rhythms and accident history and the company’s subsequent decision to proactively engage FusionHealth to reduce accidents and increase driver safety. Watch Video