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No one is as productive when they're tired.

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1/2 of American Workers

Almost half of all American workers report difficulty sleeping.


10% Chance

Approximately 90% of Americans with treatable sleep conditions struggle to get the help they need.


$80m in Costs

Poor sleep costs the average Fortune 500 company approximately $80m per year.

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Performance Problems

Sleep deprivation slows recovery time and makes individuals more susceptible to illness and injury resulting in missed days from work. When multiplied across a workforce population, this situation can significant impair an organization’s ability to operate. This dynamic is particularly visible and most pervasive amongst on-call and shift workers.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?

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Our Solution

FusionHealth’s clients report productivity improvements of approximately 25% across individual and corporate productivity measurements on an ongoing basis. Sleep not only improves focus, decision-making and mood, but well-rested employees are healthier, more present and more engaged. Discover how to increase your employee productivity with our solutions here at FusionHealth.