7 Sleep Management Lessons Learned

At the 2012 Healthy Trucking Summit in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Chief Medical Officer, FusionHealth, presented valuable information focusing on Sleep Management programs and their benefits for the trucking industry.

As a result of his experience in leading clinical research and Sleep Management program implementation in the commercial trucking industry, Dr. Durmer has found 7 core lessons that every company should apply to its Sleep Management program:

  1. Do Not Wait on the FMCSA; Sleep Apnea Already Costs Your Business Money: Considering that Sleep Apnea is under diagnosed (85%), the negative effects plaguing your drivers are also costing your company money in productivity, safety and health-related expenses.
  2. Determine Your Zone of Impact: Once you have identified your drivers suffering from sleep disorders, you can calculate the health-related costs for all your members and those suffering from sleep disorders. The disparity between the health-related cost of an employee with a sleep disorder and one without enables you to determine the zone of impact; and your opportunity for a healthier, less costly workforce.
  3. Use Proven Program Components: FusionHealth’s Sleep Management programs are customized to the unique needs of the commercial trucking industry while focusing on creating a healthy culture and a medically qualified driver population. In-field medical teams and centralized Care Teams as well as mobile medical management minimize time off the road time for drivers while maximizing program results.
  4. Stratify your High-Risk Drivers First: Sleep Management programs should center on your most at-risk drivers first; including drivers with BMI>35, those with Hypertension, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, and drivers with higher rates of accidents/incidents.
  5. Tailor Your Implementation: Focusing on the most expensive states and regions enables you to see program results more rapidly.
  6. Organize Your Program Timeline: Knowing your expectations and timeline will allow adequate time for acquiring driver data, analyzing results, setting up the customized program, enrolling drivers, and implementing a preventive program.
  7. Use Technology to Work Smarter: FusionHealth’s innovative i.AIM platform automates Sleep Management, connects stakeholders, integrates in-field testing and treatment initiation, provides real-time visibility and data, and focuses on delivering results.