Webcast: The Sleeping Giant: Are Your Workers Aware of the Dangers of Insufficient Sleep?

Nearly half of American workers today report having trouble sleeping, many running on between 5 and 6 hours of sleep a day or less. As a result, workers are at an increased risk of being in an accident and/or experiencing health issues, costing US employers up to $136 billion per year. Insufficient sleep not only impacts worker safety and health but employee productivity and morale, according to recent studies and analysis by Penn State University, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and others.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017 sleep and work productivity expert, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer and The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy Rothstein, Director of Corporate Sleep Programs at CIRCADIAN presented their webcast entitled: The Sleeping Giant: Are Your Workers Aware of the Dangers of Insufficient Sleep?


Their informative, 50-minute presentation covered critical topics including:

  • The primary drivers of insufficient sleep in the workforce
  • The impact of sleep deprivation at all levels of the organization
  • The employer’s role in promoting sleep and providing solutions to resolve and prevent sleep and work performance problems

The audience, made up of major brands, government agencies, academic institutions, healthcare brokers, health plans and hospital systems submitted questions which were addressed by the speakers during a question and answer session which took place toward the end.

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer is a systems neuroscientist, neurologist and sleep medicine physician. He is an adjunct professor at Georgia State University Department of Health Professions and co-founder of FusionHealth. Prior to FusionHealth, he directed the Emory University Sleep Laboratory program. He is a three-term member of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board for the Restless Legs Foundation and serves as the Sleep Performance Director for the Atlanta Falcons. Dr. Durmer is also an appointed Sleep Medicine advisor to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Nancy Rothstein, MBA, is the Director of CIRCADIAN Corporate Sleep Programs. Known as The Sleep Ambassador®, Ms. Rothstein is on a quest to raise awareness, educate and provide strategies to optimize sleep. Besides frequent lectures and consultations with major corporations, organizations, and universities and schools on the importance of healthy sleep, she serves on the NIH Sleep Disorder Research Advisory Board and on the Steering Committee of Myapnea.org. She is the author of My Daddy Snores, which is published by Scholastic and has sold over 400,000 copies. She earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.