Reduce Workplace Fatigue, Risk and Costs

Workplace Fatigue Management is an important function allowing companies to reduce employee fatigue in the workplace, reduce risk, and reduce healthcare costs.

Sleep disorders can be quite costly to companies both in health costs and in lost productivity.

However, the simple and effective treatment of an employee suffering from a sleep disorder results in a healthier, more productive employee who values his company’s interest in his health, which ultimately leads to longer employee retention and workplace satisfaction.

FusionHealth is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders at your workplace.

Our physicians, nurses, therapists and field support technologists help your company become a safer business.  We focus exclusively on sleep medicine, and we will collaborate with your existing occupational health program and DOT physicians.

In addition, we provide most of our services at your location, which results in added convenience for your employees and time effectiveness for your busy company.