A New Way to Deliver Sleep Healthcare

Despite recent advances in sleep health therapies, the current healthcare system fails at least 90% of people with sleep conditions who could benefit from clinical intervention, which is why sleep healthcare is becoming a necessity. Under the traditional Fee-For-Service healthcare model, no single provider is responsible for ensuring a clinically acceptable outcome. Due to limited access to patient therapy data, low reimbursement rates and a lack of subclinical treatment maintenance staff, ongoing physician support is, at best, disjointed and inconsistent. Final validation is left to the patient: the least trained or equipped to evaluate the quality of their therapy. Getting the right diagnosis can often be difficult, especially without sleep healthcare, as many physicians receive less than 3 hours of sleep-related training in medical school. In fact, the entire process of obtaining sleep healthcare, which requires doctor’s office visits and sleep testing as well as the acquisition of equipment, supplies, insurance payments and treatment specialists, has to be renavigated by the patient on a regular basis. All of these barriers to sleep healthcare prevent the vast majority of patients from enjoying lasting therapy and greatly limit consistency, compliance, effectiveness and long-term health.

Since roughly half of the American population reports difficulty sleeping, and sleep is tightly linked to major public health issues including obesity, heart disease, mood disorders and car accidents, a realistic solution is desperately needed. Population-scale sleep healthcare can’t be accomplished by focusing on a specific clinical disorder or method of treatment but by endeavoring to solve the patient’s problem, poor sleep, in a holistic way by identifying and integrating the best diagnostic, therapeutic and management options.

Characteristics of Value-Based Sleep Healthcare

The philosophy of value-based care models is defined by emphasis on, and reimbursement for, a desired clinical outcome. So what would a successful and truly value-based sleep health solution entail? It is, in essence, the pursuit of a therapeutic resolution or the prevention of a disorder through a unified, end-to-end care process focused on the patient’s overall well-being and managed by a single, specialized provider. First, it should comprehensively address the needs of as many patients as possible. It should be infinitely scalable, requiring a technology platform and care process capable of servicing increasingly larger groups of patients without sacrificing quality or compromising outcomes. It should be adaptable to advances in diagnostics and quick to incorporate emerging therapeutic options. It should deliver consistent results, regardless of geography or the patient’s occupation and work schedule. It should be modular, with treatments tailored to the particular needs of each patient, especially those suffering from multiple interrelated issues. Finally, any truly value-based care model solution must encompass and shepherd the patient through all steps of the care process, from identification of need to resolution or, if necessary, continuous treatment. The hallmark, then, of a value-based care model is consolidation, gathering together the disparate fragments of the Fee-For-Service healthcare system and rendering them into a single unified process.

Pioneering the Next Generation of Sleep Healthcare

FusionHealth has embraced the concept of the value-based care model in delivering sleep healthcare. First and foremost, we focus on outcomes. By improving access and providing convenient and responsive treatment solutions with visible results, we greatly improve efficacy. The success of our value-based care model places us in a unique position to contribute to the forward progress of sleep research and lead from the front by providing our academic colleagues with real-world data. Our expertise further allows us to invest in educating our participants, treating them like the partners they are and empowering them to realize the full benefits of our sleep healthcare program.

Secondly, while the Fee-For-Service approach is centered on the patient in their unnecessary roles as treatment director and integrator, we put our participants at the center of a care delivery process that actively caters to their needs. Simply providing a diagnosis or supplying a treatment device has been proven ineffective. Our medical and care management teams provide individualized services designed to ensure that our participants always have everything they require to continue moving forward.

Lastly, because patients can become lost at every point of difficulty in the current system, it’s important for the care leaders of the future to develop approaches that actively monitor and advance their care, regardless of what’s holding them back. To meet the challenge, we’ve looked beyond healthcare to design a proprietary care delivery platform that leverages industrial workflows and process modeling. We use intelligent automation to capture and analyze the vast amounts of treatment data generated by our participants. The end result is an unmatched level of automatic optimization: they’re always connected, in real time, to our platform. If a participant needs help, we know in advance. Our care team can determine, at a glance, exactly how to keep them on track and will reach out to work with them proactively. As a result, we can ensure that treatments remain effective and keep our participants engaged, because at FusionHealth, we don’t rest until they do.

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