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Sleep is essential to safety.

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1/2 of American Workers

Almost half of all American workers report difficulty sleeping.


10% Chance

Approximately 90% of Americans with treatable sleep conditions struggle to get the help they need.


$80m in Costs

Poor sleep costs the average Fortune 500 company approximately $80m per year.

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Safety Problems

Although errors are often unavoidable, sleep problems can significantly impair brain function and reaction times resulting in increased rates accident and error particularly with manufacturing, shipping and transportation environments. In fact, workers with unmanaged sleep conditions are approximately 3 times more likely to be in an accident.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?

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Our Solution

By addressing sleep deprivation in the workforce, employers enhance safety, both on the roads and in the workplace. This helps to reduce down time and mitigating potential liability. On average, FusionHealth’s clients see accident rates drop by 70% in year one and 75% in year two. Workers enrolled in FusionHealth’s sleep program also commit 40% fewer production errors.