Sigurjon Kristjansson

Sigurjon “SK” Kristjansson is a co-founder and CEO of FusionHealth, the leading sleep health technology company that provides employers and healthcare systems with population-based, connected care solutions to address the central problem of poor sleep health. SK has a long-standing record of innovation and leadership in health and wellness. He is a CEO member of Vistage International, a global membership organization for business leaders.

Before co-founding FusionHealth, SK was the Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Embla Inc., the world leader in sleep diagnostics at that time. He started his career as a Director of Research and Development of Flaga in 1994 and assumed the role of Chairman, as well as that of Vice President of Research and Development of Flaga, in 1998. Under his leadership the company grew from a startup that developed and manufactured sleep diagnostic equipment into a global company recognized as a leader in the development, production and distribution of sleep diagnostic technology employed in both clinical and research applications.

In 2003, SK was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2003 Competitive Strategy Award for the strategic acquisition of Medcare Diagnostics. In the following year, he received the Frost & Sullivan 2004 European Brand Development Strategy Leadership Award for market leadership on the European market.

SK earned his Cand Scient (BS) degree in engineering from the University of Iceland and his Dipl Ing T.U. degree (MS) in electrical and communications engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany (KIT).

For more on SK, visit his LinkedIn.