Webcast: Why Rest IS The New Revolution in Business

Approximately 30% of the American workforce struggles to obtain the necessary sleep to lead healthy and productive lives. The sleep deprivation epidemic is costing companies millions in healthcare costs related to chronic illnesses (including diabetes, obesity, hypertension and others) and workplace accidents. Many wellness programs focus on critical aspects of health including diet and fitness but often neglect the vital role of sleep health and recovery as a key driver of employee health and well-being.

On Thursday, November 3, 2016 sleep expert, Dr. Jeffrey Durmer and Katie Kirkland, Health & Wellness Strategy Manager of Southern Company presented an eye-opening webcast entitled: Why Rest IS The New Revolution in Business.

Their informative, 40-minute presentation covered critical topics including:

  • The impact that rest has on physical health, cognitive abilities and business critical behavior
  • The financial implications of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders for US employers
  • The requirements of a successful sleep health Wellness/Well-being program.

The audience, made up of major brands, brokers, health plans and hospital systems submitted questions which were addressed by the speakers during a question and answer session which took place toward the end.


Katie Kirkland is the Health and Wellness Strategy Manager at Southern Company. She is a fully credentialed actuary with over 14 years of experience in benefits consulting. Prior to her work at Southern Company, Katie spent 11 years as an actuary consultant for Health and Group Benefits at Towers Watson. Today she helps lead the team responsible for rolling out the sleep management program at Southern Company.

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer is a systems neuroscientist, neurologist and sleep medicine physician. He is an adjunct professor at Georgia State University Department of Health Professions, and co-founder of FusionHealth. Prior to FusionHealth, he directed the Emory University Sleep Laboratory program. He is a three-term member of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board for the Restless Legs Foundation and serves as the Sleep Performance Director for the Atlanta Falcons. Dr. Durmer is also an appointed Sleep Medicine advisor to the Federal Aviation Administration.


Why Rest IS The New Revolution in Business