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Sleep is foundational to wellbeing.

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1/2 of American Workers

Almost half of all American workers report difficulty sleeping.


10% Chance

Approximately 90% of Americans with treatable sleep conditions struggle to get the help they need.


$80m in Costs

Poor sleep costs the average Fortune 500 company approximately $80m per year.

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Wellbeing Problems

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions among the US population. Research indicates that poor sleep impacts the body’s ability to cope with stress, recover from physical exercise or regulate appetite. Many corporate wellbeing programs include diet, fitness and stress benefits, but fail to include sleep as a core component of wellbeing.

How much is poor sleep costing your company?

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Our Solution

FusionHealth reinforces and enhances engagement with other wellbeing programing by ensuring workers sleep well, are more energetic, experience less cravings and come to work emotionally equipped to face their daily challenges.